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Kentucky Derby Future Wager
Pool Three

Wagering is closed now for Pool Three of this year's Kentucky Derby Future Wager. Pool One closed on February 17th and Pool Two closed on March 17th. Total wagering for Pool Three was $524,847 for the $2 minimum wager, another new record for total wagering. All three pools combined took in $1,503,806, an increase of 15% over last year and a new record total. Here are the horses included with morning line and closing odds plus closing odds in any other pools they were in:

2002 Kentucky Derby Future Wager
Official Field - Pool Three
#NameM/L OddsPool One
Final Odds
Pool Two
Final Odds
Pool Three
Final Odds
  2Blue Burner15-1n/a21-119-1
  5Came Home10-114-112-1  8-1
  6Castle Gandolfo30-1n/an/a32-1
  9Easy Grades50-1n/a50-119-1
11Essense of Dubai15-1n/a45-117-1
12Harlan's Holiday6-117-1  6-1  7-1
13Johannesburg10-1  7-1  7-1  8-1
15Medaglia d'Oro10-1n/an/a11-1
16Mr. Mellon50-1n/an/a49-1
17Perfect Drift15-1n/a90-122-1
18Private Emblem15-1n/an/a99-1
19Repent  8-1  8-1  9-112-1
20Request for Parole30-158-145-158-1
21Saarland10-111-110-1  9-1
22Sunday Break30-1n/a22-115-1
23U S S Tinosa50-142-125-160-1
24All Other 3-Year-Olds     12-1  5-1  7-111-1
 (f) - filly;     M/L = morning line

Horses who dropped out from Pools One and Two
 NamePool One
Final Odds
Pool Two
Final Odds
 Grey Beard70-1n/a  
 High Star29-140-1  
 King's Consul40-1n/a  
 Maybry's Boy51-1n/a  
 Political Attack99-1n/a  
 Saratoga Blues26-150-1  
 Siphonic  8-1  6-1  
 Tempera (f)33-160-1  
For full details on Pool One, please check here
For full details on Pool Two, please check here

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