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Triple Crown Recap

Date: 06/11/02

The Triple Crown this year started off with a bang when War Emblem was an upset winner at 40-1. Most thought the victory was a fluke so he was only a lukewarm favorite in the Preakness where a full field tried to defeat him. Again he shocked everyone by winning in a much easier fashion than he should have based on how many speed horses had planned to try and burn him out. Since he was now going for the Triple Crown, War Emblem mania struck and suddenly all the people who thought he couldn't win before now thought him indestructible and made him the even money favorite for the Belmont. Sadly we will never know if he had the raw ability to win at a mile and a half since he went to his knees at the start and lost all chance in that one split second.

Here are all the pages of info and photos I put up for the three Triple Crown races. The results page has the order of finish and pay-offs as well as photos of the running. The rest are self explanatory and all include several photos. Take your time and look at them all to relive the experience of this year's rollercoaster ride.

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