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Date: 07/15/2003
by Staci Layne Wilson

It's Ken Burns meets Frank Capra in the inspirational true story of Seabiscuit, the little horse who could.

The movie, based on Laura Hillenbrand's bestseller, follows a half-blind ex-boxer (Tobey Maguire), a mustang breaker (Chris Cooper) and a millionaire (Jeff Bridges) as they bring their knobby-kneed, undersized racehorse, Seabiscuit, to win Horse of the Year honors in 1938.

The movie is not coming out until July 25, but I was lucky enough to attend an advance screening and interview some of the actors at the Santa Anita Racetrack. Tobey Maguire was busy shooting the sequel to Spider-Man, but Gary Stevens (real life jockey turned actor), Chris Cooper, and Jeff Bridges were on hand to tell me all I ever wanted to know about Seabiscuit, and then some!

Gary Stevens Interview (plays George Woolf)

Chris Cooper Interview (plays Tom Smith)

Jeff Bridges Interview (plays Charles Howard)

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With the movie coming up soon, the amount of Seabiscuit information and, of course, merchandise is booming. Here are some links to just about anything Seabiscuit you could want to know or own.

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