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A rather unusual piece of memorabilia that is quite hard to come by is the race-worn saddle cloth, especially from a stakes race with the horse's name on it. Even rarer and harder to get is the horse blanket given to the winner of a major stakes race, such as the Arlington Million winner's blanket given to Beat Hollow after the race. It generally takes connections on the backside to come up with these items. Letting it be known you are looking for such things and offering a sizable payment for the always short of cash grooms works, if you have access to the backside of a major track. To buy one from a dealer or off eBay, look to pay well over $200 for even a not very well know race. For these and the saddle cloths, there is no set value since much of it depends on the race and the horse. Ultimately it comes down to what you are willing to spend.

Saddle cloths are an interesting item to get and obviously a bit easier to get than the winner's blanket. Here is Kona Gold's saddle cloth from the 2001 Ancient Title Handicap at Santa Anita. You would use the same method to get these as the blankets, if you have access to the backside of a major track. The really famous horse's cloths often get donated to charity for auction to benefit them (such as Skip Away which brought over $1000 last year). If you buy from a dealer or on eBay, expect to pay $100 or more for even a relatively unknown horse.

To the left is Cigar's 1995 Hollywood Gold Cup winner's blanket, currently on loan to the Hall of Fame in Saratoga Springs, NY.

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