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3 Men on a Horse, 1936 by Milton Bradley. Based on a movie. Find on eBay.

American Derby, 1951 by Cadaco-Ellis. Authorized by the Washington Park Jockey Club. Find on eBay.

Aurora Derby, 1972 by Aurora. Shoot ball bearings into holes to make the horses move. You can view the original commercial for it here after a commercial for the Cosby Show plays. Find on eBay.

Cavalcade, 1930's by Selchow and Righter. Also comes in a deluxe set with wooden pieces. Find on eBay.

Classic Derby, 1929 by J. Pressman Co. Find on eBay.

Derby Downs, 1973 by Great Games. Includes 1 record album with calls by Chick Anderson. Find on eBay.

Roll and Score Dice Derby, 1977 by Milton Bradley. Find on eBay.

Eddie Arcaro Sweepstakes, 1954 by Lourol Enterprises. Find on eBay.

Grand National a Sweepstakes Game of Chance, 1937 by Whitman. Find on eBay.

Hialeah Horse Racing Game, 1940 by Milton Bradley. Find on eBay.

Jeu de Course, 1898 M & F L.E. (French). You can see a fully restored version of this in the movie "Dave". It is sitting on a table in the White House and "Dave" plays with it in one scene. Find on eBay.

Jogo Turfe, 1980's by Game Office. From Brazil and all the directions are in Portugese. Find on eBay.

Kentucky Derby Racing Game, 1950's by Whitman. All versions of this game are copyrighted in 1938 and people often think that is the age of it but you have to check the horse names used to verify the age as they changed them over the years. This one has Citation so it is probably early 1950's. This is the plain version done all in cardboard with plastic horses. Find on eBay.

Kentucky Derby Racing Game, 1955 by Whitman. This is the deluxe version with a plastic covered game board and play money. Also lists all the Kentucky Derby winners on it with the last one being Swaps in 1955 so it is easier to date. Find on eBay.

Mini-Derby, 1970's by Shinsei. Weighted horses vibrate down the track, miniature version. Find on eBay.

Horse Racing, 1970's by Shinsei. Full size version of Mini-Derby, about 2 feet long. Find on eBay.

Giant Wheel Thrills 'N Spills Horse Race Game, 1958 by Remco. Find on eBay.

Sandy Hawley's Post Time, 1990 by Curtis Thomas Group/Whitman. Canadian. Find on eBay.

See You at the Winner's Circle, by JPR Games. Not dated but looks 1970's or earlier since it shows the old style tote tickets. Find on eBay.

Sport of Kings Challenge, 1986 by Kuirakos Inc. Similar to Trivial Pursuit except all the questions are about racing. Find on eBay.

Steeplechase Course d'Obstacles, 1984 by Canada Games Co. Find on eBay.

Stretch Call, 1986 by Sevedeo Vigil. Find on eBay.

Sweepstakes a Game of Thrills, 1920's (?) by Haras Mfg. Co. This is what is called a trade simulator. Find on eBay.

They're at the Post, 1975 by Maas Marketing. Features 4 record albums with calls by Daryl Wells. Find on eBay.

Sunny Andy Deck Derby, 1920's by Wolverine Supply and Mfg. Co. Tin lithographed race track and horses. Find on eBay.

Tru-Action Electric Horse Race, 1960's by Tudor. Find on eBay.

Valvigi Downs, 1985 by Valvigi Partnership. Combines poker and horse racing. Find on eBay.

Win, Place, and Show, 1966 by 3M. Find on eBay.

Win, Place, and Show, 1977 by Avalon Hill/Sports Illustrated. Find on eBay.

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