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Kentucky Derby Glasses Price Guide
New 2008 edition!

by Judy Marchman
Only $12.71

Kentucky Derby glasses
From left to right: 1945 tall, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951
The first glass issued was 1938 and there was no decorated glass made for 1946 and 1947. Due to shortages during World War II, aluminum and bakelite (an early plastic) were used in 1941 through 1944. The 5 glasses shown are worth about $1300 total, with the rarest being 1950 and 1951. For a photo index of most years, check here. If you are looking for info on the 1974 Kentucky Derby glass variation, check here.
Preakness glasses
From left to right: 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978
The first year issued was 1973 and it is the rarest and most expensive. The glasses shown are worth about $400-$500.
Belmont Stakes glasses
From left to right: 1976, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982
The first year issued was 1976, yet it remains one of the least expensive of the group. The second glass in 1977 had a very low distribution so is difficult to find and commands a very high price ($600+). These are hard to find down south so this set is only about half complete. The glasses shown are worth about $500-$600 with 1982 being the most valuable of the bunch.
Breeders Cup glasses
From left to right: 1985, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1993 limited edition
This first year issued was 1985 and it had very low distribution making it hard to find and expensive. The next year issued was 1988 and a glass has been produced every year since. In 1991 two glasses exist, a correct on and one with French Glory (entry mate of In the Wings) listed as the winner of the 1990 BC Turf. In 1993 two glasses were issued, the regular glass and the limted edition anniversary special that is pictured. The glasses shown are worth about $350-$400.
Jim Beam/Spiral Stakes glasses
From left to right: 1983 through 1990
The first year issued was 1980 and the first 3 are quite rare and expensive. Other than the first three, this set is still pretty easy to find and affordable. Most of the glasses are tall and narrow like the ones pictured, although the 1981 and 1991 glasses are shorter. The glasses shown are worth about $100-$140, although most can still be found for much less than that.
Assorted glasses
From left to right: 1990 Prince of Wales Stakes, 1985 Louisiana Derby, 1986 Florida Derby, 1961 Sapling/Sorority from Monmouth (with dated recipe inside), 1983 Super Derby, 1975 Massachusetts Handicap
Almost every track has issued a glass at least once for their premier race. Most of these have little value beyond $3-$5 dollars for 80's and newer and up to $20 for 60's/70's except perhaps to someone who really wants a glass from when a particular horse won. There are no set price guides for these types of glasses so it is strictly what the buyer is willing to pay. I paid about $30 for this entire batch, with over half going for the Monmouth glass because it included the recipe given away with the glass.
Ice bowl and glass set from the 1950's
Pictured on the bowl are Whirlaway, Citation, and Hill Gail. On the glasses are Citation, Pensive, Ponder, Jet Pilot, Assault, and Cavalcade. I have the complete set with original glass stirrers and the box it all came in (original cost $4.95). There were many different sets of racing motif glasses like this issued in the hey-day of racing.

For more information and a price guide to horse racing glasses, check the Equillector page.

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