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Man O'War is considered my most people to have been the greatest race horse of all time. Consequently he has been commemorated with many different collectibles. Below is a selection of these for your enjoyment. For the more historically minded, here is a wonderful article about him by Ron Hale. Please remember you can click on the small photos to see a larger version.

There have been many postcards of Man O'War over the years, but this real photo one is my favorite. If you look closely at the hand tinted linen postcards, you will see that most were done from this photo, often with considerable changes to the background.

Man O'War portrait items by the artist Lynn Bogue Hunt, probably from the 1940's. From left to right a 12oz tumbler, a glass bottom coaster with sterling silver rim, and a 10" diameter decorative plate. This artist did many other horse portrait items for famous race horses as well as many other items with these portraits on them.

Left: This is a nice copper plaque done in relief by Bertolli, the artist not the biscuit company, and sold by Art Metals of Louisville, KY. There are others in this series by the same artist.

Right: A Falls City Beer advertising sign of Man O'War done in 3-D from the 1970's.

Two advertising signs from Rolling Rock Beer featuring Man O'War. One alone and one with Whirlaway and Sea Biscuit. Probably from the 1940's. The one on the right has been used by many other beer companies as well.

Homer Laughlin China plate with a nice portrait of Man O' War on it. This one has the fruits in the border and I have heard of it with a floral border as well.

Left: Cast iron trivet showing Man O'War in full stride.

Right: Small copper plated lead paperweight that says "Man O'War Lexington, Kentucky".

Left: An American Legion convention badge from 1929 that features Man O'War on the back of the medallion. The convention was held in Louisville, KY.

Right: Porcelain bottom with sterling silver rim coaster by the artist Sam Savitt as commissioned by Frank Whitely. The back has a short history of Man O'War on it.

Two decanters featuring Man O'War. The one on the left is from Ezra Brooks in 1969. The one on the right is from Old Fitzgerald in 1963.

Front and back of the Man O'War glass that was issued by a dairy in Kentucky. The back of the glass on the right is from the second version which lists his death date. The earlier, more common version done before his death only shows his birth date. I have been told there is also a matching pitcher but I have never seen it myself.

Rolling Rock Beer glass from their recent promotion. One of a set of 6 which feature 6 famous horses. Last I heard they still had some available at the issue price of $20.33 at 800-80-STORE.

There are many items with this same design on them: coaster, pin-back button, advertising sign, large 6 foot banner, etc. This was one of a set of six with the others being Whirlaway, Citation, Assault, Bold Ruler, and Secretariat.

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