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Seabiscuit 2-Disc Ultimate Gift Set DVD
Universal Pictures DVD, December 16, 2003

Almost every racing fan has seen the blockbuster movie Seabiscuit since it hit the screens in July 2003, and many read Laura Hillenbrand's best-selling book which was the inspiration for the movie. Now, the long-awaited DVD of the movie has been released and is available in three versions: standard full-screen, widescreen, and the limited-edition 2-disc ultimate gift set (VHS tape is also available). We received the limited edition set on the day of its release and were impressed by the extra content that accompanies the discs themselves.

The content of the discs speaks for itself. You get the full-length movie (2 hours 21 minutes duration) in widescreen format plus nine special features. As expected in most DVD's, clips about the making of the movie (as seen on ESPN and HBO) and the director's commentary are included, but along with these you also get the actual footage of the 1938 Pimlico Special match race between Seabiscuit and War Admiral and the TV special "The True Story of Seabiscuit" as aired on A&E. It is worth noting that the gift set costs about $14 more than the regular releases but the A&E special sells separately for about $25, making this edition a better value than its price indicates!

Besides the two discs, you also get a 32-page photo diary, collectible cards featuring historical photos and background on the characters, a keepsake golden Seabiscuit bookmark, and, most amazing of all, a collectible Senitype which is a 35-millimeter film frame reproduced from the original computer-generated image from the movie. This is mounted on a card with a photo of the match race and number-stamped for the limited edition.

Needless to say, this special gift box is a must-have for any racing fan. The extra features and limited-edition collectibles included in this edition make it well worth the extra investment over the cost of the regular DVD releases.

The Seabiscuit 2-Disc Ultimate Gift Set DVD has a list price of $49.95 and is available from for $34.99.

Rating:     5/5

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