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Breeders' Cup Seating and Tickets

Updated: 09/07/08

Reserved seats at big events can be difficult and expensive to obtain and the Breeders' Cup is no exception. This year tickets were once again sold via a lottery among all the people who had signed up as wanting tickets. Belmont Park is very large and while they have 32,941 reserved seats, the Breeders' Cup takes over a large section of the best seats for owners, breeders, and other connections. I have not seen a figure yet for how many seats are available to the general public, I expect it will be in the 20,000 range. The ticket lottery wass open for applications until July 20 and any left after that will go first come first served. There are still reserved seats in the grandstand and a couple of dining rooms left, so check here for availability and where to call to buy them.

Once they sell out, you can still go general admission for $10 ($25 for clubhouse). Belmont has a large back yard with picnic tables as well as ample free bench seating on the apron, so if you come general admission you can still get a good seat if you arrive early. If you really want a reserved seat and miss out on the ticket lottery, your only option for getting a ticket would be to go to a ticket broker or try to buy direct from someone on eBay or an online forum or classifieds.

Belmont has space for 18,500 cars to park but these will go fast given the number of people who will attend. You can get general parking on the day of the event for $10 or you can order general or preferred parking ($25) with your tickets if you go in the lotter. I would suggest you get the parking with your tickets if you plan on driving and go for the preferred spots as the walk is MUCH shorter.

As in past years, there will be lots of tickets for sale outside the gates on Breeders' Cup day, but be very careful if you try to buy tickets that way. New York's rules on reselling tickets is no more than face value plus the greater of 20% of the ticket price or $5. That means only $5 over the face value given the cost of these tickets, so be careful whether you are buying or selling. FYI - Ebay only enforces this rule for residents of New York in their auctions.

If you really want to go, there are tons of them available via ticket brokers but be prepared to pay up to 10 times the face value. Before I paid those high prices, I would try the various online forums, classifieds, and auctions to get one at a more reasonable price.

Below is a seating diagram of Belmont Park for the Breeders' Cup. Also included are links to Expedia and Travelocity in case you want to check out air fares, car rentals, or hotel prices.

Click to enlarge - Click here to travel right!
Airline tickets, hotel and car rental reservations

Good luck with your trip to the Breeders' Cup! It looks to be a grand day of racing once again. Here are some more links to help you get ready:

Breeders' Cup graphics courtesy of the Breeders' Cup Limited

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