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2004 Breeders Crown Entries

The Breeders Crown trophy
Date: 10/19/04


Harness racing's year-end championships, the Breeders Crown, takes place at Woodbine Racetrack this Saturday. Unlike its Thoroughbred counterpart, the Crown splits its events into two race dates. The older horses competed at the Meadowlands in the summer, while the 2 and 3 year olds compete in late October at Woodbine. Each age group - 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, and open (older) - is further divided up into the two genders and the two standard gaits, pacing and trotting, such that a champion can be crowned in each division. With so many divisions, holding all the races on one card was not feasible hence the separation of the juveniles and sophomores from the elders.

The objectives of the Hambletonian Society mirror those of the Breeders' Cup - to create a major racing program to promote and benefit all sectors of the sport, and to stimulate public interest and awareness of the sport. As well, Breeders Crown winners are pretty much guaranteed a year-end championship in their divisions, as history dictates, just like Breeders' Cup winners usually win Eclipse Awards. Probably not coincidentally, both the Crown and the Cup both began in the same year, 1984, with the first Breeders Crown race run at The Red Mile in Lexington, Kentucky.

Special guest drawmaster and retired NHL star and former Toronto Maple Leaf Doug Gilmour (left) and harness driver Chris Christoforou at the post position draw.
At the post position draw, the honorary drawmaster was retired hockey legend Doug Gilmour. The native of Kingston, Ontario, nicknamed "Killer", was always a favorite of popular TV commentator Don Cherry and played 20 seasons in the National Hockey League, including a stint with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Unlike in Thoroughbred racing, the fields in major stakes races including the Breeders Crown are determined by elimination races run a week earlier. In a unique twist from most post position draws, for the Three-Year-Old Colt Pace and Three-Year-Old Filly Pace the elimination winners get to pick their posts first, and then the balance of the field is drawn at random. Normally the entire field, as determined by the eliminations, is drawn randomly, as was done for the rest of the Crown races to be run Saturday night.

The top two finishers from the North America Cup will be back in the 3-year-old Colt Pace. Shown here at the finish of that race are Mantacular (outside, winner) and Metropolitan (inside, second).
In the $693,750 Three-Year-Old Colt pace, Quick Pulse Mindale, who ran the fastest elimination in 1:51, takes on the other elim winner Geartogear as well as North America Cup winner Mantacular and Messenger Stakes winner Metropolitan. Geartogear is looking to extend his winning streak to five in the championship race.

Eight will line up behind the gate in the $762,500 Three-Year-Old Filly Pace. The overwhelming favorite will be elimination winner Rainbow Blue who is an amazing 16 for 17 this year and 22 for 24 lifetime. Since fewer than the maximum field size entered this race, no elimination race was necessary here. Hoping to make a race of it is Glowing Report, the only milionnaire in the field with $1,062,078 in lifetime earnings to date, including a victory in the Jugette.

The richest race of the night is the $829,000 Two-Year-Old Colt Pace, with the faster of the two eliminations won by Allamerican Inca, who won by 1 3/4 lengths in 1:52. He is the 8-5 morning line favorite over the other elim winner, Shanghai Phil at 2-1. Also in the field is Metro Pace winner Rocknroll Hanover, who comes into the race with earnings of $688,275.

Here are the entries, post positions, and odds for all eight Breeders Crown races.

Race 2 -- Trot, purse $698,625 
U.S. PURSE $558,900.
Post time: 07:45 P.M.
 PP  Horse                  Driver          Trainer          Odds
  1  Twin B Senorita=       R Schnittker    P Doherty        20-1
  2  Flirtin Miss           J Campbell      J Takter          4-1
  3  Honour Way             C Christoforou  D Tingley        12-1
  4  Ladymatic=             G Brennan       L Rathbone       20-1
  5  Traci Spur=            R Stillings     C Stillings      12-1
  6  Philhallmonic          P Lachance      R Laarman        25-1
  7  Darling Monique        D Irvine Jr     J Cruise Jr       8-1
  8  Strong Tea             T Ritchie       D Mcintosh        5-1
  9  Solveig=               D Miller        J Takter          6-5
 10  Seducer Hall           R Pierce        B Pelling         8-1

Race 3 -- Pace, purse $762,500 
U.S. PURSE $610,000.
Post time: 08:12 P.M.
 PP  Horse                  Driver          Trainer          Odds
  1  Rainbow Blue           R Pierce        G Teague          3-5 
  2  Apple Krisp            L Ouellette     J Stutzman       25-1
  3  Teds Girl              B Sears         D Brunet         20-1 
  4  Armbro Bombay          J Moiseyev      R Mcintosh       15-1 
  5  Glowing Report         G Brennan       J Silverman       7-2 
  6  L Dees Val             J Campbell      M Capone          7-1 
  7  Invitro                P Macdonell     G Irwin           5-1 
  8  Pantidepressant(L)     D Dube          V Morgan Jr      20-1 

Race 4 -- Pace, purse $721,000 
U.S. PURSE $576,800.
Post time: 08:35 P.M.
 PP  Horse                  Driver          Trainer          Odds
  1  Allamerican Coed       G Brennan       M Harder         20-1
  2  Cabrini Hanover        M Lachance      J Takter          8-5
  3  Savannah Sky           P Macdonell     C Ryder           4-1
  4  Fast Ruffles           R Pierce        B Pelling         7-2
  5  Show Time              B Sears         B Pelling        25-1
  6  Crystal Slipper        D Miller        W Popfinger      15-1
  7  Western Cruise         S Condren       R Mcintosh       15-1
  8  Secret Deal            J Campbell      N Varty          30-1
  9  Arts Bid               A Morgan        E Miller          8-1
 10  Restive Hanover        A Miller        E Miller          5-1
AE1  Thereal Ideal          J Campbell      M Vanderkemp     25-1
AE2  Panne Ala Vodka        D Dube          B Magie          30-1

Race 5 -- Trot, purse $625,000 
U.S. PURSE $500,000.
Post time: 09:00 P.M.
 PP  Horse                  Driver          Trainer          Odds
  1  Rocky Balboa=          R Pierce        B Pelling         5-2
  2  Coventry(L)            D Ackerman      D Ackerman       10-1
  3  Bertos Dream=          Ra Waples       C Campbell       20-1
  4  Grand Sovereign=       W Odonnell      B Thorne         20-1
  5  Photo Color            J Campbell      M Harder         15-1
  6  Al Dente Hanover       L Ouellette     J Caraluzzi      10-1
  7  Yankee Slide           B Sears         S Elliott        12-1
  8  In Conchnito           S Condren       R Mcintosh        6-1
  9  B Cor Kenny(L)         D Daley         D Daley          20-1
 10  Cincinnati Kid         T Ritchie       H Lunde          10-1
 11  Cantab Hall            M Lachance      R Gurfein         2-1

Race 6 -- Trot, purse $657,375 
U.S. PURSE $525,900.
Post time: 09:25 P.M.
 PP  Horse                  Driver          Trainer          Odds
  1  Driven Sakra=          D Dube          B Magie          15-1
  2  Southfork              R Pierce        B Pelling         7-1
  3  Victory Photo          Y Gingras       D Swick          10-1
  4  Gettindownanddirty     P Macdonell     P Wellwood       25-1
  5  Travelin Lite          J Campbell      R Stewart         8-1
  6  Musclesextrodinair     B Sears         B Pelling         8-1
  7  Celebrity Master       M Lachance      D Daley          25-1
  8  Ken Warkentin          D Miller        J Takter          3-5
  9  Vino Camielle          S Condren       H Iversen         9-1

Race 7 -- Trot, purse $625,000 
U.S. PURSE $500,000.
Post time: 09:50 P.M.
 PP  Horse                  Driver          Trainer          Odds
  1  Mccall Magic           S Condren       Dr J Hayes       20-1 
  2  Mystical Sunshine      P Macdonell     C Ryder          15-1 
  3  Peaceful Way           C Christoforou  D Tingley         7-5 
  4  Housethatruthbuilt     B Sears         T Smedshammer     8-5 
  5  In The Shell           L Ouellette     J Czernyson      30-1 
  6  Bramasole              E Ledford       S Ledford        15-1 
  7  Blossom Seelster       Do Brown        M Etsell         25-1 
  8  Invincible Dream=      R Pierce        J Takter         20-1 
  9  Olympics               J Campbell      M Harder          7-1 
 10  Silver Springs         G Brennan       J Johnson        10-1 
AE1  Have You Ever          R Pierce        J Takter         25-1 
AE2  Funny Malentine        J Campbell      L Toscano        25-1 

Race 8 -- Pace, purse $829,000
U.S. PURSE $663,200.
Post time: 10:16 P.M.
 PP  Horse                  Driver          Trainer          Odds
  1  Eleven A M             K Wallis        B Saunders       25-1
  2  Shanghai Phil          M Lachance      R Jones           2-1
  3  Allamerican Inca       D Palone        M Vanderkemp      8-5
  4  Philosopher King       G Brennan       J Silverman      30-1
  5  Roddys Bags Again      C Christoforou  J Stutzman       30-1
  6  Pan Cartwright         D Dube          K Mcmaster       30-1
  7  Dawn Ofa New Day       J Campbell      C Ryder           5-1
  8  Speed Demon            D Miller        B Pelling        30-1
  9  Village Jolt           R Pierce        E Hart            6-1
 10  Rocknroll Hanover      B Sears         B Pelling         7-1
AE1  Beretta Hall           D Miller        M Harder         25-1
AE2  Tobruk                 R Mayotte       R Atkin          30-1

Race 9 -- Pace, purse $693,750
U.S. PURSE $555,000.
Post time: 10:45 P.M.
 PP  Horse                  Driver          Trainer          Odds
  1  Armbro Baylor          L Ouellette     R Mcnair          30-1
  2  Geartogear(L)          R Pierce        N Varty            8-5
  3  Quik Pulse Mindale(L)  A Morgan        M Arnold           2-1
  4  Panlubber(L)           D Miller        K Mcmaster        25-1
  5  Metropolitan(L)        J Campbell      C Ryder            7-1
  6  The Preacher Pan       D Dube          K Mcmaster        20-1
  7  Mantacular             M Lachance      L Rathbone        20-1
  8  Up Front Brad(L)       D Palone        M Ford            30-1
  9  Holborn Hanover        G Brennan       M Harder           8-1
 10  Western Terror(L)      B Sears         B Pelling          5-1
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