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Below is a selection of racing postcards with various racing scenes from horses acting up from rearing to bucking to floating in mid-air.

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Just select your postcard and click the "Next" button. You may also click the photo to preview the full size image. Email addresses are not used for any other purpose or given to anyone other than the recipient of the postcard. Enjoy!

Horses behaving badly
Vertical take off!
Horses behaving badly
Tails up!
Horses behaving badly
Hang time!
Loose horse!
I'm gonna get you!
Horses behaving badly
Let me go!
Horses behaving badly
Don't make me race!
Horses behaving badly
I DO NOT want this saddle on my back!
Loose horse!
I finally got rid of that hitchhiker!
Bucking bronco
Bucking in the paddock
Cow kick
Cow kicking
Forest Music
I don't want to run!
Loose Horse
Loose horse!

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