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Explaining the 4 Major Types of Horse Racing

Date: 10/15/2021

There are numerous sorts of horse races, each with their own history and culture owing to the world's estimated 350+ horse breeds. For the time being, let's focus on some of the more popular sorts of horse races you could watch on television or see elsewhere. 

Flat racing, steeplechasing, harness racing, and endurance racing are the four main types of horse races, within this article and we will cover each of them. The sport of horse racing is extremely popular, and more and more individuals are finding their passion for the sport. Horse racing is a very popular choice for punters, major events like the Cheltenham get massive attraction and viewership and now fans wait for the next major competition like the Melbourne Cup, you will be able to find all information about the Melbourne Cup, as well as information, you’ll get horse racing tips and advice.

Flat Races - are those that take place 'on the level,' meaning that there are no obstructions along the way.  For the jockey, flat racing is an exercise in quickness, endurance, and decision-making. The rider must know where to place his or her horse in the race and when to restrict or ask it to exert itself.

A range of distances are used, from 5 furlongs to over 2 miles, and eligibility is determined by the horse's gender, youth, or skill.

Steeplechase - A steeplechase is a race that takes place over a set of hurdles known as fences. Within this race there are two to 4 1/2-mile steeplechase lengths to choose from, you can select 3.2 and 7.2km. 

Steeplechase horses are usually older and have competed in hurdle races in the past. For the purpose of gaining racing experience and learning proper jumping technique, this race is undertaken by the horses.

Harness Racing - When Standardbred horses run in a specified tempo, such as Pacing or Trotting, they pull a Sulky controlled by a "driver" inside the sulky during harness racing. If you've never heard of a Sulky before, it's an aerodynamic two-wheeled cart that's linked to a horse's saddle and ridden by its driver, who controls the direction of the animal.

Horses of the Standardbred breed compete in these events. For its skill in harness racing, the Standardbred is an American horse breed most well-known in the world. A Standardbred horse may race at either a trot or a pace.

Endurance Racing - Horse and rider endurance racing is a competitive activity that involves a long-distance ride at a specified speed over a set course of time. The only skill required for endurance riding is the ability to push yourself and your horse to their limits over long distances.

Depending on the distance, endurance races can last anywhere from 30 miles to over 130 miles and finishing one can take several days. Races are divided into categories based on the degree of experience and fitness of both the horse and the rider. Non-competitive endurance events are those longer than 30 miles that are not timed.

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