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Horses of the Kentucky Derby
From Bolding Schaffer Productions and Equivision

Two years ago, I reviewed the first version of this CDROM. It was quite good then, but they have definitely improved on it in this new version. Not only have they updated to cover the Kentucky Derby through Monarchos in 2001, they have expanded on the information provided to make it even a more valuable reference. It now includes over 600 photographs, some of which are quite rare, not only of the horses but their connections as well. There is a new expanded section of Derby history, a racing glossary, historical stats, a trivia game, and 43 video clips.

Screen shot of Citation's page
Each horse gets an excellent write-up on their victory in the Derby and their life afterwards plus several photos, a pedigree chart, and video from their Derby win where available. Unfortunately, horses from the 1970's and later don't have video due to licensing issues and costs with ABC Sports. Hopefully this can be worked out so they can be included in a future edition. The only other item not included for each running that I would like to see added is a full results chart with the order of finish and betting info. Even without this, the program offers an in depth view of each running and is an invaluable reference source for the Derby fan.

The CDROM requires a computer 450MHz or faster with 64MB of memory, a CDROM, and Windows 95 or higher. When the program starts, if you are not running at 800x600 resolution (the standard most PCs come set to) the software will reset your screen before starting. This can be disconcerting to some users who aren't expecting it, but your screen is returned to your original settings when the program is closed so no permanent changes are made.

Screen shot of the introduction page
If you don't like reading off the screen, a text-to-speech engine is included that will read the histories to you. As with the previous version, the pictures are stored on the CDROM in Windows bitmap format (*.bmp) so they can easily be used as wallpaper files if you wish.

Horses of the Kentucky Derby is very reasonably priced at $29.95 and is available direct from Bolding Schaffer Productions. At this price it definitely deserves a place in any racing fan's library.

Rating:     4/5

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