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Kentucky Derby Future Wager
Pool Two

Wagering is closed now for Pool Two of this year's Kentucky Derby Future Wager. Pool Three will be open April 3-6. Total wagering for Pool Two was $391,002 for the $2 minimum wager, down from last year's $401,070 and the first time since 2001 a pool fell below the $400,000 mark. The mutuel field was made a slight favorite at 3.60-1 over Florida Derby winner Empire Maker at 3.70-1.

The bet is a two dollar minimum wager to win only. Past performances are available free online from BRIS and TrackMaster, plus a ClassGraph from Equibase. If you want more information and analysis, you can purchase the Futures Edition from the Daily Racing Form.

You may check the entries and odds for Pool One here. Below are the betting numbers with opening and final odds for Pool Two plus final odds for Pool One.

2003 Kentucky Derby Future Wager
Official Field - Pool Two
#NameM/L OddsPool 1
Final Odds
Pool 2
Final Odds
  1Aristocat30-1- 64.10
  2Atswhatimtalknbout10-1  28.80  8.90
  3Badge of Silver20-1  11.30 10.60
  4Champali20-1- 56.10
  5Composure (f)15-1- 38.70
  6Domestic Dispute15-1  19.80 28.40
  7Empire Maker12-1  12.80    3.70
  8Funny Cide30-1  93.00 59.40
  9Great Notion20-1- 66.50
10Inamorato20-1- 37.50
11Indy Dancer20-1  18.80 17.60
12Kafwain12-1  12.00 15.60
13Lion Tamer15-1  20.40 19.40
14Man Among Men30-1  29.10 25.20
15Ministers Wild Cat20-1  24.70 27.40
16Ocean Terrace12-1- 40.00
17 Offlee Wild30-1  34.90 37.30
18Peace Rules10-1  66.30 18.10
19Region of Merit30-1- 48.00
20Senor Swinger15-1  43.60 72.90
21Supah Blitz15-1-164.70
22Ten Cents A Shine20-1  34.40 46.50
23Trust N Luck12-1  19.10 29.70
24 All Other 3-Year-Olds10-1    2.20    3.60
Horses Removed for Pool Two
 Apalachian Thunder-  62.60 
 Ozzie Cat-  50.70 
 Saintly Look-  65.20 
 Seattle Hoofer-  42.40 
 Sky Mesa-  12.10 
 Toccet-  12.00 
 Whywhywhy-  62.40 
 (f) - filly;     M/L = morning line

You may also want to participate in Churchill Downs' Kentucky Derby fantasy stable contest the Road to the Roses Fantasy Challenge. The contest is open for entries now and the first race was the Fountain of Youth on February 15th.

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