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Can Strategy Help Winning Predictions?

Date: 3/24/2022

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The spring has finally arrived which means the start to some of the most prestigious races on the calendar for events all around the world – Cheltenham has already come to an end for the start of UK racing and some big events will follow, for those looking to find a win there’s always the question of the best way to increase odds for a variety of sites just like here for example with some favorites – betting strategies have long been given as a suggestion, but are they something to be relied upon, or are they just placebo for the lucky few?

It's often important to filter through the suggestions given to weed out the truth amongst the gut feeling – it goes without saying that doing as much research as possible as part of the strategy going into the racing calendar will provide the best starting point as more information is never a bad thing and looking at both horses and jockeys that are performing well throughout the year can provide that vital bit of information, but the stats are there to back the belief up – it’s what the experts do after all, and can avoid some of the hype that will build up at the bookies too – but just knowing the stats isn’t enough.

Some will give tips about when to double down on a bet or when to cut losses at a track, with some speculative formula that losses can be minimized or wins can be maximized by following a specific pattern, but if this were true then every punter would be doing the same at the tracks and raking in a fortune so these sort of tips can often be ignored. Similarly, there are resources out there that require users to pay to get the information, but there’s often little of value behind a pay wall for those looking to succeed, so this sort of strategy should also be discarded.

Ultimately the success for those that have come before, the strategy has simply been lots of hard work and research to ensure all bases are covered going into the race in terms of how the horses are racing and their history at the specific race, and how the jockeys have been performing too, and of course a bit of luck as with any form of wagering – for any would be punter going into this years racing calendar hoping for a win, simply enjoying the races and keeping things more casual will lead to the best results, and will certainly bring enjoyment of the races up too.

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