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Best Tips for Horse Race Betting

Date: 5/23/2022

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world, with archaeological records showing people raced horses as far back as during the days of Ancient Greece. While we'll never know whether Socrates or Plato bet on those ancient tracks, we know a lot of people enjoy horse race betting today. Regardless of whether you're looking to place a bet on the tracks or at online betting sites like, these are a few tips you should always keep in mind when doing it.

Do your homework

Like with most things, information is power and the more you know the better. No matter the sport you'll be betting on, you should study the rules and its characteristics. Also take note of what happened and where you went wrong; that way you'll make better bets each time. Gambling without consideration is way less fun, but also far more likely to turn into a money sink. For horse betting, check who the rider is, where the horse was raised, what their track record is at that track and others, whether they're coming back from injury or time away and get some background on the race. Getting involved and making an informed bet is the best way to turn a profit and have a good time.

Bet on Different Types of Races

This is a safety mechanism more than anything else. For once, the more bets you place, the more chances for your wins to offset losses everywhere else, but on the other hand you will learn more about the trade. Betting on races on different surfaces, different styles and different places will give you a broader picture and allow you to make better informed decisions across the board. You'll get a feeling for each one and figure out where to trust your guts, where to listen to the experts and (quite possibly) where to stay away. Betting smarter is betting better, so get on with it.

Learn to Pick a Winning Horse

The easiest way to pick a winner is by getting rid of the losers. Begin with the horses with the most losses, those are often the slowest and far less likely to win. Then move on to the ones that are out of shape or those that you think are overrated. Experts will tell you that dividing the horses you have in a race into different groups will make your job easier. That way, you will have a top group with the best horses, those most likely to win. Another group could be formed by those who recently have been in third or fourth positions in their races. Those are placed, but not winners. Last, you'd have a group made up of the bottom horses, those that have little chance of being in the top five. Dividing races like this will help you decide what's the chance the best horses win in a race. If you have a lineup with several top group racers, the race will be difficult to predict. In a race with a single top group horse, the logical thing is that its chances are far greater.

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