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Getting Started with Betting at the Track

Date: 10/26/2021

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As one of the biggest and most popular sports in the world with one of the biggest betting markets too, as some of the most popular options here at and many other sites continue to grow, particularly over the past eighteen months, there has been a big uptick in those looking to explore new options and betting at the track has certainly been a favourite option for many. But what are some great tips for beginners looking to get started, not only for betting purposes but to gain a more robust enjoyment of horse racing as a whole?

Get to know the racing surface – Much in the way a tennis player may prefer a clay court over a grass court, different racing surfaces favour different horses – the bigger and heavier runners will prefer the softer turf and get more grip for the run, where the daintier horses will prefer the dry courses which can fit in anywhere in the range of firm or good to firm and often a faster track. Looking at the history of track conditions and which horses may run better on those conditions is a great way to get started, and with so many tracks around the world with different ground conditions, it can have a big impact on the frontrunners.

Don't neglect the trainers and jockeys – There are plenty of trainers and jockeys with a proven track record and are often overlooked more in favour of the horses themselves. Certain skillsets will fit different courses and different ways of running and for many newcomers something that's often overlooked or undervalued. Following the trainers and jockeys with a good record of winning can certainly play a good part in winning odds and give a leg up on those who don't watch out for this part of racing.

And finally, get to know the horses – Often seen as the most important part of the race itself, it’s of course just as important to look at the horses themselves for their own strengths and weaknesses. Look at the other horses in the race aside from just the one chosen to bet on and look at how form has changed over previous races too as this could have a big impact on the end result. Similarly reading and listening to race comments can offer insight from those with much more experience and a bit more in the know.

There’s a lot of depth to horse racing that may not be immediately apparent to some newcomers and being a lot more involved in all aspects of racing can certainly improve odds of winning and the chances of things going much better than average.

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