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Lone Star Park Fact:

The stretch at Lone Star Park is only 930 feet long, the shortest ever for the Breeders' Cup. Gulfstream is the next shortest at 952 feet while Churchill Downs is longest at 1234 feet.

Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships
Local Info for Lone Star Park

Date: 10/14/2004

Since this is the first time Lone Star Park has hosted the Breeders' Cup, most people who live outside the Dallas area have probably never been there. Here are a few helpful tips for those travelling to the Breeders' Cup.

Lone Star Park will have numerous ATMs onsite for the Breeders' Cup, but Texas state law prohibits withdrawals of more than $200 in a 24-hour period from racetrack ATMs. Plus, funds can only be withdrawn from a checking account - not a savings account or credit card. So if you plan on making hefty Breeders' Cup wagers, go to the bank on the day before or stop by an ATM near home before heading to Lone Star Park on Breeders' Cup Day. This also make sense because the line-ups always get long at the ATMs on track.

There is no onsite parking available on the day of the event. All parking on the grounds of Lone Star Park requires a parking permit to be purchased prior to the event. There will be remote parking lots with a "park-n-ride" shuttle service provided to the track but it also requires a pre-purchased permit. These are probably all sold out now, but you can try calling 972-263-RACE to purchase one. If you can't get a permit, you will need to take a taxi to and from the track.

Lots of items are not allowed to be taken into Lone Star Park and security reserves the right to search anyone and/or their belongings. Refusal of a search or having dangerous or unlawful items can result in you being refused admission. Items you cannont bring into the track include: liquor, bottles of any kind, food or beverages, coolers, backpacks, carryall bags, large bags, containers, umbrellas, folding chairs or tables, animals, skateboards, bicycles, kites, rollerblades, weapons, or any item that Lone Star Park deems unlawful, dangerous or obnoxious. Exceptions are made only for handicap-assisting canines and medications which must be accompanied by official documentation.

Bottom line? Don't try to bring any food or drinks with you and budget the time and money to buy them inside the track. Concession and beverage stands will be located througout the facility with lots of portable stands. They open at 7am and close after the last race. Lines usually get long, especially for the beer, so be sure to get everything before the first Breeders' Cup race so you don't miss any of the big races standing in line.

Lone Star Park's plan for hosting the Breeders' Cup calls for between 1,200 and 1,300 wagering devices to be in service Oct. 30, about one machine for every 40 customers. Expect long lines and plan to wager in advance where you can. The worst wait will probably be for the Turf and the Classic.

I am not sure how much access you will have to the grandstand and paddock area if you are seated in the bleachers or festival seating. It may be like Arlington with access to those areas restricted only to people with reserved seats in those areas. The booklet I have doesn't say and does give a full map of the facility, so you may be able to wander about and see the whole place. In any case, you can view a map of the entire grounds here and a seating diagram for the Breeders' Cup here.

If you don't have a place to stay yet, it isn't too late. Dallas is a huge city with plenty of hotels, so you should be able to find something relatively close and affordable. Here is a list of hotels close to Lone Star Park with links for checking availability and reservations. There are also links for air fare and car rentals in case you need them.

If you don't have a ticket yet, they are all sold out. You can still get a ticket from a ticket broker, but expect to pay at least 3 times face value or more at this point. If you are lucky you may find another fan willing to sell at face value on the forum or for less than the brokers on eBay. You can find more info about tickets and links to several brokers as well as the forum and eBay here.

Of course you don't want to forget to check the local weather forecast. The weather in late October in Dallas is usually in the low to mid 70's with lows around 60, but of course you never know for sure what Mother Nature will throw your way.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Lone Star Park. See you at the betting windows!

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