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Breeders' Cup Winner Stats

Bayakoa is the one of the most successful supplemental entries.

Updated: 10/20/2011

There are always a few horses that are supplemented every year with a record of 16 supplemental starters for the 2000 Breeders' Cup, with 18 pre-entered. It is usually a losing proposition, although there are several supplements who have won and with recent changes in the supplemental entry rules they seem to be doing better. While the supplement rules are not as bad as they were originally, they still can keep good horses in the barn, especially those bred in South America where most sires are not nominated. Here are the current official rules according to the Breeders' Cup for horses who were not nominated as foals:

All supplementary fees in excess of the pre-entry and entry fees (totaling 3% of the gross purse) will be added to the purse of the race.

When a horse supplements, the fee they pay (less that portion allocated to pre-entry and/or entry fees) will be credited to them in all subsequent years. Prior to that change in 1997, horses like Bayakoa had to pay the full supplement each time they ran!

So far in 28 runnings of the Breeders' Cup, 147 horses have been supplemented (includes horses in multiple years only once) and the return on investment has not been very good on the average. Those horses paid a total of $25,055,000 to run and won a total of $35,282,062 in purse money, which is considerably better than it used to be before the supplement rules were change. It also helps that there have been six supplemental winners in the last five years.

Below is a table showing all the past supplemental entries, the year and race they ran, the cost to supplement, where they finished, and how much they earned. I split the table into two sections to make it a bit easier to look at. The top section has all the horses who at least broke even on the gamble while the bottom (and considerably longer) section has all the horses who lost money as a supplemental entry. While there have been some big successes, there have been some equally huge failures, the worst of which would have to be Gentlemen in the 1998 Classic and Starcraft in the 2005 Classic.

Thanks to Cory Shorr who found the supplement list for 2011 so I could update the tables. For some reason, Breeders' Cup has omitted this from their stats for that year.

Wild Again1984Classic$360,0001st$1,350,000
Star of Cozzene1991Mile$120,0003rd$120,000
Cherokee Run1994Sprint$120,0001st$520,000
Soviet Problem1994Sprint$120,0002nd$200,000
Skip Away1997Classic$480,0001st$2,288,000
Silver Charm1998Classic$480,0002nd$1,024,000
Skip Away1998Classiccredit from 19976th 
Captain Steve2000Classic$290,000
(inc. credit from 1999)
John's Call2000Turf$240,0003rd$297,600
Catella2000F/M Turf$90,0003rd$145,200
Val Royal 2001Mile $90,000 1st $592,800
Spook Express 2001F/M Turf $200,000 2nd $278,000
Starine 2001F/M Turf $90,000 10th  
Timboroa 2001Turf $180,000 3rd $256,800
Tiznow 2001Classic credit from 20001st $2,080,000
Islington 2002F/M Turf $90,0003rd $153,600
Starine 2002F/M Turf credit from 20011st $665,600
Falcon Flight 2002Turf $180,0003rd $290,400
High Chaparral 2002Turf $180,0001st $1,258,000
Bluesthestandard  2003Sprint $90,0002nd $236,000
Shake You Down 2003Sprint $90,0003rd $129,800
Falbrav 2003Turf $180,0003rd $233,200
High Chaparral 2003Turf credit from 20021st $763,200
Islington 2003F/M Turf credit from 20021st $551,200
Ouija Board 2004F/M Turf $90,0001st $733,200
Wild Fit2005Juvenile Fillies$90,0002nd$212,000
Ouija Board2005F/M Turfcredit from 20042nd$212,000
Ouija Board2006F/M Turfcredit from 20051st$1,888,000
Nightmare Affair2006Sprint$180,0003rd$213,000
Gorella2006Milecredit from 20057th 
Lahudood2007F/M Turf$180,0001st$1,150,000
Kip Deville2007Mile$300,0001st$1,420,200
Excellent Art2007Mile$180,0002nd$526,000
Ginger Punch 2007Distaff$180,0001st$1,220,400
Ginger Punch2008Ladies Classiccredit from 20076th 
Donativum2008Juvenile Turf$90,0001st$1,035,080
Kip Deville2008Milecredit from 20072nd$426,000
Dubai Majesty2010Filly & Mare Sprint$90,0001at$540,000
Silver Timber2010Turf Sprintcredit from 20095th$30,000
Musical Romance2011Filly & Mare Sprint$100,0001st$540,000
Subtotal$8,020,000 $33,106,230

And now the losers ... credit from 2008
NameYearRace    Supplement    FinishedEarnings
Spend A Buck1984Juvenile$120,0003rd$108,000
Night Mover1984Mile$120,0008th 
Pac Mania1984Sprint$200,0009th 
Dontstop Themusic1985Distaff$120,0003rd$108,000
Classy Cathy1986Distaff$120,0004th$70,000
Truce Maker1986Mile$120,00014th 
Zany Tactics1987Sprint$120,0009th 
Cutlass Reality1988Classic$360,0007th 
Best Pal1990Juvenile$120,0006th$10,000
Bistro Garden1992Mile$120,00014th 
Best Pal1993Classic$360,00010th 
Best Pal1994Classic$360,0005th$60,000
Exclusive Praline1994Sprint$120,0009th 
Post It1994Fillies$120,0006th 
Tipically Irish1995Juvenile$120,0006th 
Lucky Coin1997Mile$120,0004th$61,600
Men's Exclusive1997Sprint$200,0006th 
Enjoy the Moment1999Sprint$120,00014th 
Son of a Pistol1999Sprint$120,00013th 
Caffe Latte1999F/M Turf$90,0004th$59,920
Captain Steve1999Juvenile$90,00011th 
Cindy's Hero2000Juvenile Fillies$90,0004th$62,720
Out of Sync2000Juvenile Fillies$90,0009th 
Ladies Din2000Mile$120,0008th 
Indian Lodge2000Mile$90,00013th 
Petrushka2000F/M Turf$90,0005th$24,200
Colstar2000F/M Turf$90,0007th 
Caffe Latte2000F/M Turfcredit from 19999th 
Arabian Light2000Juvenile$90,0005th$21,400
Subtle Power2000Turf$180,00010th 
Miss Linda 2001Distaff $400,000 6th  
Express Tour 2001Mile $90,000 10th  
England's Legend 2001F/M Turf $90,000 11th  
Kalypso Katie 2001F/M Turf $90,000 6th  
Gander 2001Classic credit from 20009th  
Landseer 2002Mile $90,000 DNF  
Disturbingthepeace 2002Sprint $90,000 7th  
Golden Apples 2002F/M Turf $90,000 4th $71,680
Kazzia 2002F/M Turf $90,000 6th  
Turtle Bow 2002F/M Turf $90,000 9th  
Whywhywhy 2002Juvenile $90,000 10th  
Golan 2002Turf $180,000 6th  
Private Hoard 2003Sprint $90,000 9th  
Megahertz 2003F/M Turf $90,000 5th $31,800
PT's Grey Eagle 2004Sprint $90,000 8th  
Aubonne 2004F/M Turf $90,000 12th  
Katdogawn 2004F/M Turf $90,000 10th  
Megahertz 2004F/M Turf credit from 2003 11th  
Moscow Burning 2004F/M Turf $90,000 4th $80,370
Superbrand 2004F/M Turf $200,000 9th  
Blackdoun 2004Mile $135,000 7th  
Mr. O'Brien 2004Mile $135,000 9th  
Jealous Profit2005Juvenile$135,00010th 
Flip Flop2005F/M Turf$90,00012th 
Megaherts2005F/M Turfcredit from 20038th 
Majors Cast2005Mile$135,0005th$60,750
Lost in the Fog2005Sprint$90,0007th 
Satwa Queen2006F/M Turf$180,0005th$55,000
Spun Sugar2006Distaff$180,0008th 
Asi Siempre2006Distaff$180,0004th$115,260
Host2007Milecredit from 20055th$67,750
Remarkable News2007Mile$300,0007th 
Tough Tiz's Sis2007Distaff$180,0007th 
Jazzy2007F/M Sprint$150,00010th 
Folk Opera2008F/M Turf$180,0009th 
April Pride2008Juv Fillies Turf$90,00011th 
Beyond Our Reach2008Juv Fillies Turf$90,00012th 
Jazzy2008F/M Sprintcredit from 20078th 
Soldier of Fortune2008Turf$270,0004th$153,000
Paddy the Pro2008Juvenile Turf$90,00012th 
Heros Reward2008Turf Sprint$90,0005th$29,875
Fleeting Spirit2008Turf Sprint$90,0004th$60,945
Get Funky2008Turf Sprint$90,0009th 
Sixties Icon2008Marathon$45,0005th$13,562
Elusive Galaxy2009Juvenile Fillies Turf$90,00011th 
Junia Tepzia2009Juvenile Fillies Turf$90,00012th 
La Nez2009Juvenile Fillies Turf$90,0006th 
Silver Timber2009Turf Sprint$90,0006th 
Zip Quik2009Juvenile Turf$90,00011th 
Prince Will I Am2010Marathon$45,00010th 
Jessica Is Back2010Filly & Mare Sprint$90,0009th 
Vineyard Haven2010Dirt Mile$90,00011th 
Quick Enough2010Turf Sprint$90,00010th 
Trinniberg2011Juvenile Sprint$100,0007th 
Lucky Chappy2011Juvenile Turf$100,0004th$60,000
Shkspeare Shaliyah2011Juvenile Turf$100,0009th 
Dayatthespa2011Juvenile Fillies Turf$100,0009th 
Pure Gossip2011Juvenile Fillies Turf$100,0007th 
Giant Ryan2011Sprint$100,0008th 
Hoofit2011Turf Sprint$100,00011th 
Subtotal$17,035,000 $2,175,832
Grand Total$25,055,000 $35,282,062

For more information about the supplemental entry process and online forms to verify Breeders' Cup eligibility of a horse or a stallion, check the references below:

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