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Kentucky Derby Glasses Price Guide
New 2008 edition!

by Judy Marchman
Only $12.71

The first year for a Derby shot was 1945 when a jigger with "I have been to the Kentucky Derby" was sold at tobacco stands. It wasn't until 1987 that another official Derby shot was offered. There were 4: a clear jigger with black and gold or red and gold print and a shot in either clear or frosted glass. All of these are quite rare and command premium prices of $200 up.

1996 unofficial Derby shots. These were put out without permission of the official licensee. They were ordered taken off the shelves once it was discovered and initally sold for big bucks if you could find them, although interest has levelled out since. I believe there is one other in addition to the four pictured here that is black with color print.

1988 Derby shot

This one is signed on the back by winning jockey Gary Stevens. There were 2 different shots put out in 1988, this 1.5 oz one and a 3 oz jigger.

1989 Derby shot

There were 2 different shots put out in 1989, this 1.5 oz one and a 3 oz jigger.

1990 Derby shot

Only the 1.5 oz shot was put out this year, although there are some sample 3 oz jiggers floating around.

1991 Derby shot

There were 2 different shots put out in 1991, this 1.5 oz one and a 3 oz jigger.

1992 Derby shot

There were 3 different shots put out in 1992, this 1.5 oz one, a 3 oz jigger, and a black 1.5 oz shot.

1993 Derby shot

1993 started the proliferation of shots with this 1.5 oz one, two 1.5 oz black ones (one with gold print and one with color print), and a clear 3 oz jigger. This was also the first year for cordials and shooters both with and without furlong markers on the back. The shooter with furlong markers on the back is considered rare and usually runs over $100.

1994 Derby shot

1994 continued to expand the shot line with this 1.5 oz clear one, a black with gold print 1.5 oz, a 3 oz jigger, and 5 new ones: the Borel (like a baby beer mug, see below), 2 handled cordials (one with furlong marks on the back and one without), and 2 shooters (one with furlong marks and one without). The one shown is signed by winning jockey Chris McCarron.

1995 kept the same line up as 1994 with only one addition, a 3 oz whiskey glass (on the right).

Here are more of the 96 shots. From left to right are: the 3 shots that come in a limited edition set (the black and blue are both available separately, the green is not), the plain 1.5 oz shot, the cordial (only available without furlong marks), the shooter (only available with furlong marks), the 3 oz jigger, and the whiskey glass. Does anyone else think it is a little ridiculous to put out so many different shots?

Derby Borel glasses. The first one was 1994 and supposedly only 220 were made. The price on that one is still quite high, but has fallen quite a bit in the last year.

Preakness shots. The Preakness is a more reasonable (so far) and only puts out one shot per year. The one on the left is 1994 and the right is 1995. The 1995 one was a departure in that it is ceramic rather than glass. Many were damaged in shipment making supplies low and prices go up quickly.

Belmont shots. The Belmont also is currently doing just one shot per year. From left to right are 1993, 1994, and 1995.

Breeders Cup shots. The Breeders Cup only does one shot per year. Shown (from left to right) are 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995. The older shots are not dated and must be identified by the style which was different each year. 1993 is the first one with a date (on the back, not shown here).

Kentucky shot

I only included this one because the design is the same as the one used on the 1963 Derby glass. This design has been reused more than any other, appearing on several different bar glasses in many different colors, sizes, and even reversed direction.

For more information and an online price guide, check the Equillector page.

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