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Reed and Barton silver plate Kentucky Derby plates from 1972, 1973, and 1974. This series only ran for three years, but they are certainly some of the nicest Derby plates that has ever been made. Only 1500 were made each year so they are pretty hard to find. Although the photos have a gold tint to them that is because I had to take the photos in low light to get a good image without glares. They are highly polished silver which makes photos very difficult.

Fred Stone Triple Crown plate

This is the first of the series (which they did backwards for some reason) and features the 4 most recent Triple Crown winners: Citation, Secretariat, Seattle Slew, and Affirmed. Although you can't really tell from the photo, this one is signed by the artist and all four jockeys.

Second Fred Stone Triple Crown plate (left)
This one features Assault, Count Fleet, Whirlaway, and War Admiral. It is also signed by all the surviving jockeys.

Third Fred Stone Triple Crown plate (right)
This one features Sir Barton, Gallant Fox, and Omaha. It is not signed as there are no surviving jockeys.

Northern Dancer a tribute to the Stallion Extrordinaire by Tim Francis

Whirlaway by Gregory Perillo. Put out in 1984 as the first in a series called "Thoroughbreds" that also includes Seabiscuit, Man O'War, and Secretariat. This is #1747 of a limited edition of 9500 plates. Perillo also did a series of figurines of these same horses which I assume was a related series.

Secretariat - The Final Tribute by Fred Stone (left)

Ruffian by Fred Stone (right)

Phar Lap by Fred Stone (left)

"A Candle in the Wind" Go For Wand by Fred Stone (right)

Kelso by Fred Stone (left)

John Henry by Fred Stone (right)

Victory Racing Plate Co. Triple Crown winner plates. The top row is Omaha, Citation, and Secretariat. To the left is Seattle Slew and to the right is Affirmed. These plates are by Wilton Armetale out of their special Armetale allow. They were made special for Victory Racing Plate as gifts for their best customers. I would like to find the rest of the set, let me know if you have one to sell.

Staffordshire Kentucky Derby plates row one: 1977, 1980, 1981, 1982; left 1983, right 1986. These started in 1977 and were discontinued in 1990. Each has a scene from the previous year's Derby in the center and the same 5 scenes around the edge: Dreaming About the Derby, Home Stretch at the Derby, Clubhouse Grounds and Paddock, Around the First Turn, and In the Winner's Circle.

Lynn Bogue Hunt horse portrait plates, from left to right: Man O' War, Gallant Fox, Count Fleet, Twenty Grand. The first 3 are the regular plates and there is a whole series of these with full color head portraits of many different famous race horses, all are signed and have the horse's name on them. The last one is a bit different as it is a souvenir plate that uses one of the LBH portraits but unsigned, without the name, and in a monochrome instead of color. I identified the portrait by comparing it to other LBH portraits I have on glasses, coasters, and other items.

Man O' War plate by Homer Laughlin
. This one has a border of embossed fruits around the edge but as Laughlin used many different plate blanks it may come with other borders. The age is unknown, but Laughlin has been around since the 1920's.

1974 Kentucky Derby souvenir plate
. This one is a small 6" plate that is one of the many souvenir items put out for the 100th Derby in 1974.

Maryland Jockey Club plate

This one commemorates the 1992 Pimlico Special. There are two others in the set, one for the Preakness and one for the Black-eyed Susan/Early Times Turf. I only pictured one since they are identical except for the name of the race and date.

Churchill Down souvenir plate

This is a smaller 6" plate. No idea of the age.

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