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I have quite a few phone cards now so I decided to give them their own page. Previously most of the horse racing phone cards issued were from other countries, but the US eventually jumped on the phone card bandwagon and several cards came out in 1996. Not much since then, at least in the US, but there are still a lot of foreign cards out there.

There was a 4 card limited edition set issued for the 1996 Breeders' Cup at Woodbine. Only 2500 sets were made. This is the first two of the set, "Racing's Championship Day" and "Cigar, winner of the 1995 Classic"

This is the other two in the Breeder's Cup set, "Woodbine Racetrack, Ontario, Canada" and "Toronto 1996" flag logo

Kentucky Derby 122, featuring art work by Celeste Suzany. This was a freebie given away at Churchill.

Churchill Downs 1995 Twin Spires Centennial Celebration card. This was a freebie given away at Churchill.

Cigar 1995 Horse of the Year, shows him winning the 1995 Donn Handicap. This was a freebie given away at the 1996 Donn Handicap.

Gulfstream Park giveaway for Super Bowl Sunday in 1995.

Horse Racing in Ireland. There is another card that looks just like this except it says "Irish Horse Racing".

Japanese racing scene, unknown location and horses.

The slogan on this one is most likely meant to be a pun. "KAKE3!" (actually that's not a "3" but a Japanese character) can have three different meanings:
a) to run, they're off; b) to bet, to wager; c) to make a phone call
I suspect they meant all three at once in this case.

"Horse Racing, 100% Curiosity" this was probably JRA's advertising slogan that year. At the bottom is "The 58th Japan Derby" which was in 1991, won by Tokai Teio who is on the far outside at this point.

Tokyo Race Course, Fuchu (pronounced like "hoo-choo")

Horseracing in Fukushima (pronounced "Hoo-Koo-She-Ma") Fukushima Race Course is in mid-eastern Japan.

Hanshin Race Course in Takarazuka, near Kobe

"Mr.C.B." probably winning the Japan Derby with jockey Masato Yoshinaga who is now a trainer. (below right) "Meguro Race Course, where the 1st Japan Derby was run." Mr.C.B. won the Japanese Triple Crown in 1983 and was 1983 Horse of the Year. Very popular then, but has not be very successful as a sire. Mr.C.B. by Tosho Boy (JPN) - C.B. Queen (JPN) by Topyo

"Miho Shinzan" with jockey Masato Shibata, now a trainer. (below right) "Meguro Race Course, where the 1st Japan Derby was run." He won two of the 1985 Japanese Triple Crown races, but unfortunately he had to skip the Japan Derby due to an injury. Because he was beaten by Symboli Rudolph, the 1984 Triple Crown winner and HOY, in the last Grade 1 race in 1985, he didn't get selected as 1985 HOY. He has not been very successful as a sire. Miho Shinzan by Shinzan(JPN) - Napoli Jo-O(JPN) by Moutiers

"Tokai Teio" winning the Japan Derby with jockey Takayuki Yasuda, now a trainer. (below right) "Meguro Race Course, where the 1st Japan Derby was run." He won the first two legs of the 1991 Japanese Triple Crown and was 1991 Horse of the Year. Won Japan Cup in 1992 and was retired to stud in 1994. Very popular, even now, due to his dramatic comeback stories. He suffered fractures three times in his career, but came back dramatically to win Grade 1 races. Tokai Teio by Symboli Rudolph(JPN) - Tokai Natural(JPN) by Nice Dancer

"Narita Brian" winning the Japan Derby with jockey Katsumi Minai. (below right) "Meguro Race Course, where the 1st Japan Derby was run." He won the Japanese Triple Crown in 1994 and was 1994 Horse of the Year. Retired last fall. Narita Brian by Brian's Time - Pacificus by Northern Dancer

Not a phone card although it resembles one. Actually this is an Odds Card. At the Japan Racing Assn. tracks there are automated machines that let you print out the odds information on a race at any time. This way you can track the odds easily and you don't have to watch the monitors. To do this you have to buy an odds card to pay for the printouts.
This card shows Mejiro McQueen, one of the richest horses in Japan and thus the world too, ridden by Yutaka Take. Mejiro McQueen by Mejiro Titan(JPN) - Mejiro Aurora(JPN) by Remand

New Zealand card of Let's Elope winning the Melbourne Cup. This is a set of two cards that make the whole picture when put together. Says "Kiwi's stealing the thunder downunder Melbourne Cup". Let's Elope later came to the US and won some nice races. Now retired as a broodmare.

New Zealand card showing Melbourne Cup winner Kiwi. Says "Have a Go".

New Zealand PayCel $100 phone card, most valuable of their sporting series that featured various sports.

Left: Saratoga 95, first of the two card set from Saratoga in 1995.

Right: Morning Workout, second of the two card set from Saratoga in 1995.

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