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Kentucky Derby Clock
Copper washed metal horse and jockey with a clock inside a horseshoe and rose wreath on a wooden base. The electric clock is by Sessions and still runs. The latest patent date is 1937 and the figurine bears a strong resemblance to Eddie Arcaro and Whirlaway in the 1941 Kentucky Derby winners circle photo.

A hand carved plaque with Citation and the flowers from the Triple Crown races
Please read the story on the back of the plaque. Surprisingly enough, this is actually an award from an insurance company to its salesmen. I have no idea of the age, perhaps one of you does?

Flue cover featuring a portrait of the undefeated Colin.
Dated 1908, this was used to cover the opening of the flue on old heaters during the summer when the pipe was removed to save space. It says "Painted by Henry Stull in 1907" which was the year of his 2 year old season. He only had 3 starts as a 3 year old before retiring due to injury. This did not stop him from winning the Belmont even though lame at the time. He was sent to Europe for stud duty after he retired.

A selection of Louisville Stoneware items. From left to right, 4" 1977 plate, 1977 tumbler, 10" 1984 plate, undated shot glass, undated pitcher

They put out many different items with racing and Churchill Downs motifs, some dated to commemorate a specific Derby. Other items I have seen are decanters, a cookie jar, and bowls.

1960's era jockey motif bar accessories
A beer mug, a cigarette holder, and a Scotch decanter. One the sides of all pieces are the names of various tracks. I have heard of these with different silks or the jockey holding different items. This decanter still has the original reins with the "Scotch" medallion and I assume some of the other poses were for other types of liquor.

Dishes from track restaurants
The large plate is from the now burned down Fair Grounds, the creamer is from Arlington Park (before it became Arlington International), and the small plate is from someplace called the Post and Paddock club. I am trying to identify what track this plate came from (detail of emblem is on the right). If you know, please e-mail me.

A leather bridge set made by Brown and Bigelow with the original box.
This has Man O'War on the cover, Seabiscuit on the score pad, and Whirlaway and Man O'War on the decks of cards. This was originally owned by the Bishop of Wyoming (left his card in it) and has never been used. The portraits were drawn by R.H. Palenske.

I have several other decks of playing cards you may want to look at:

Advertising, Kauai King, Cavalcade, Discovery, Citation, Busher, Calder Race Course, Swing Till Dawn (Ocala Breeders Sale), K.D. Princess (Ocala Breeders Sale), part of a 2 deck set painted by Savitt, 2nd deck of the set, Victoria Sporting Club

A package of Head Play cigarettes from 1933 (opened but complete)
The stretch run of the 1933 Preakness is featured on the back. The box contains 4 long cigarette with perforated sections in the box so it could be broken into 4 separate packs containing 4 regular sized cigarettes each.

An assortment ofTwenty Grand products
Twenty Grand was heavily merchandised with cigarettes, razor blades, aspirin, etc. all bearing his name. Here are two different full displays of the razor blades and a pin-back button from the cigarettes.

1941 Kentucky Derby program, ticket, and 3 snapshots taken by the owner.
These came from an estate sale and were all owned by the same person who took the picture so I framed them together. This is the year Whirlaway won the Triple Crown.

Here are a few selections from my Kentucky Derby programs: 1921 (oldest one I have), 1941 (detail from previous item), and 1943 (Triple Crown year for Count Fleet).

Several horse racing theme beer cans.
The first is a National Bohemian Triple Crown Winners can from 1978. The next one is a Little Kings can for the 115th Derby in 1989 (still full). The last three are part of a 15 can set from Sterling Beer with the Kentucky Derby winner's circle photos from the 1962 through 1976. One interesting thing about this set is Dancer's Image is shown as the winner even though he was disqualified (middle can in the photo). I guess there was no photo available for Forward Pass.

Oak Tree Steins
These are given out on the first day of the Oak Tree meet and are really quite nice. These are the first two of the series.

The Avon Sport of Kings stein
This was put out by Avon in 1992 as a limited edition and is really gorgeous.

On the left is a Lasko Cherry Soda bottle with advertising sign with a nice racing motif on the label and sign. On the left is a Lasko Brewed Birch Beer label.

An Antique Bourbon advertising figurine and a Tote beverage bottle "The Sportsman's Tonic".

John Henry figurine
This is number 7 of 2500 in a limited edition put out by artist Renee Rushing. Detail is excellent, even down to the buckles on the bridle. Truly a gorgeous work of art.

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