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The only request I make for ads is that they not be too garish or flashing and stay a resonable size in bytes for quick downloading. For more information and traffic stats, check here.

125x125 right side button ad
As of July 9, 2010, the second position is available for $350/month. I will give discounts if you want to pay for several months at one time.

234x60 half-banner ad
Positioned just to the right of the text on the page and to the left of the button column on selected pages:

468x60 banners
These are currently sold out.

  • Pop-Under ads
    Only one is available and it is currently sold.

  • 120x600 Skyscraper ads
    This slot is on all pages long enough to put one in under the 125x125 buttons. While the placement is low, it is on content that people do scroll down to read and it is large so the visbility is still quite good. This is currently sold.

    A new service I have just added is priority listing in my link lists. For $25/year, you can have your link in bold within the regular alphabetical listing. For $50/year, you can have your link in bold at the top of the listing. Only 10 links per page will be put up top on any single page, so first come, first served. This service is available whether you are already listed or not, but listings can only go in the category in which your site belongs (i.e., handicapping sites only on the handicapping pages). You can sign up for this service here.

    To request more infomation or reserve a spot, use the form below.  

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