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Date: 07/27/2004

Trainer John Servis shed a little light on the current condition of and future plans for Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Smarty Jones during a teleconference today. According to Servis, Smarty Jones has a recurring problem with bruises in his feet and he had to have one cut out about 10 days ago. It was very deeply imbedded in his hoof so it required the hoof wall to be built up with glue and he had glue-on shoes put on to help take the pressure off it. He isn't 100% right now, and Servis said he isn't going to start breezing him again until he his ready for it. He said, "I am waiting for him to show he is ready for me to start cranking down on him."

Trainer John Servis
He could still possibly have made it for the Pennsylvania Derby, but it would have been rushing things and Servis didn't think it was fair to Philadelphia Park or Smarty Jones' fans to wait until the last minute before cancelling. This way Philadelphia Park doesn't have to go to all the expense of preparing for a Smarty size crowd and the fans don't get the last minute disappointment of him scratching on race day.

Servis said Smarty Jones is still on track for the Breeders' Cup Classic and he hopes to get a race in before then, probably the Pegasus Handicap at the Meadowlands in early October or the Super Derby at Louisiana Downs on September 25. There are currently no plans to retire him early, but with so much money on the line, he was syndicated to Three Chimneys for $39 million, that always remains a possibility. Currently, his final career start before retiring to stud will be the Breeders' Cup Classic, although there still remains a slim chance he could race at four.

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