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Toteboard Voodoo
by Charles Ubil
from ClubHouse Mutuel, 56 pages paperback

As the cover asks about this system, "Is is number voodoo or mathematically calculated exotic wagers?" This small book gives a quick explaination of the techniques Charles Ubil of uses to select his wagers. Rather than handicapping the horses, he outlines a technique for using odds history information from the toteboard to handicap the bettors.

The method involves writing down the odds on all the horses starting with the morning line and noting the toteboard odds starting at 10 minutes to post until 3 minutes to post. Analysis of the betting patterns revealed leads to a specific set of exotic wagers which Mr. Ubil has identified over a long period of study several patterns of wagering that lead to certain results coming in more often than not. If you can correctly identify the pattern, making the wagers indicated should lead to a cashing tickets more often than not.

The book is simply written and easy to understand with examples of odds from various tracks and types of races for each of the common patterns. He shows you what to look for and how to select the correct wagers based on the pattern revealed. The bets required are simple exacta wheels and boxes for the most part, with trifectas called for in some cases. None require a large investment in the wager but potentially can pay off big.

I tried the method on a few races and it seemed to yeild some promising results. You have to make sure not to forget to write down the odds each minute, which can get tedious. The hardest part is learning to recognize the patterns, and I would definitely recommend doing many practice runs until you can perfect that. Since you don't start deciding your wagers until three minutes to post, you have to be able to do it quickly and not keep having to refer back to the book to try and match the patterns there. Once you have mastered that, it should be pretty easy to do a race and decide on the wagers quickly.

If you are intimidated by all the fancy methods of handicapping the horses and would like to try an easy to use method that uses info easily available at any track, definitely give this one a try.

Toteboard Voodoo is available from for ?.

Rating:     3.5/5

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