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HRN Weekly: Hong Kong Cup and Merry Christmas!
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 08:32:20 -0800 (PST)

--  Cindy Pierson Dulay's Horse-Races.Net Newsletter  --


. 2002 Hong Kong International Races

. Merry Christmas!
. Christmas Virtual Postcards
. Eclipse Award Polls

. David Cross sells Derby trophy
. Human Interest Question for you fans....

. Television Schedule
. Stakes Race Schedule


--  HEADLINE  --

2002 Hong Kong International Races
Longshots abound in this year's runnings of the the Hong Kong Cup,
Vase, Mile, and Sprint. Local hero Precision wins the Cup at 66-1
while favorite Grandera finishes seventh!


Merry Christmas!
Here is a bit of horse racing holiday cheer I gathered that you
might enjoy. Some cute and some sentimental, but all worth checking
out. Also, don't forget to make a tax deductible donation to your
favorite equine charity.

Christmas Virtual Postcard
It's too late to get a real card to someone via the mail now, so send
an online holiday themed horse racing card to your friends and family.

Eclipse Award Polls
The year is almost over now, so make sure to cast your vote for all the
Eclipse categories and see how your fellow fans are voting.

David Cross sells Derby trophy
KAYBEE1947 writes, "How sad that a lifetime horseman like David Cross who
trained Sunny's Halo had to sell his trainer's trophy on eBay just to
pay his bills! I suppose some might say he had his 15 minutes in the
spotlight, but for true racetrackers, it is much more than that. It is
usually half a lifetime of blood, sweat and horse manure. There are years
of thankless travel, long hours, usually at the expense of loved ones and

Human Interest Question for you fans....
SHELLY440 writes, "What are the reasons certain racehorses appeal to you
more than others? While I love and respect all these beauties, horses like
Point Given, You, Cigar, Storm Flag Flying, Booklet, Sky Mesa, With
Anticipation and many others seem to stand out to me. My husband says he
only likes the horses he wins money on but I have never won anything on
Booklet but I love him anyway. Heart and longevity are very appealing,
which is why I adore With Anticipation, Say Florida Sandy, Kona Gold, Bet
on Sunshine, Coyote Lakes and many others."


Television Schedule
What's on TV this week.

Stakes Race Schedule
Listing of stakes races with purses of $75,000 and up for the next week.

-- Racing Polls --

     FINAL NTRA Thoroughbred Racing Poll 10/28/02

     HORSE                 A-S   STS-1-2-3   PTS   PVS
 1.  Azeri (19)            4-F     9-8-1-0   196    3
 2.  Orientate             4-C    10-6-1-0   145    8
 3.  Medaglia D'Oro        3-C     9-4-3-0   123    2
 4.  Vindication           2-C     4-4-0-0   113    -
 5.  Storm Flag Flying     2-F     4-4-0-0   104    -
 6.  High Chaparral (1)    3-C     6-5-0-1   80     -
 7.  Volponi               4-C     8-3-3-1   74     -
 8.  With Anticipation     7-G     8-3-3-0   58     -
 9.  Farda Amiga           3-F     6-3-1-0   57     6
10.  War Emblem            3-C    10-5-0-0   52     5
A-S: Age-Sex, Sex: C-colt, G-gelding, H-horse, F-filly, M-mare

Other horses receiving votes: Rock of Gibraltar-17, Came Home-16,
Starine-13, Xtra Heat-10, Milwaukee Brew-8, Evening Attire-7, Tenpins-6,
Domedriver-5, Beat Hollow-4, Harlan's Holiday-4, Sky Mesa-4, Sarafan-3,
Take Charge Lady-1

AQHA Quarter Horse Racing Poll

Hambletonian Society/Breeders' Crown Standardbred Poll

Racing Post Cards - Breeders' Cup virtual postcards featuring all the
winners and more.  Send one to a friend today!


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