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Breeders' Cup Seating and Tickets

Updated: 09/24/04

Reserved seats at big events can be difficult and expensive to obtain and the Breeders' Cup is no exception. This year tickets were once again sold via a lottery among all the people who had signed up as wanting tickets. Lone Star Park is a newer and smaller track with only 10,000 reserved seats, which means most of the 51,034 reserved seats available are temporary stadium or bleacher seating. The Breeders' Cup takes over a large section of the best seats for owners, breeders, and other connections, which means this year they are taking pretty much the entire regular grandstand and clubhouse leaving only the temporary seating for fans. Because the track is smaller than the older venues like Belmont or Santa Anita, there will be no general admission to the Breeders' Cup this year. Since they are officially sold out now, your only option for getting a ticket would be to go to a ticket broker or try to buy direct from someone on eBay or an online forum or classifieds. Parking on the grounds AND in remote lots will also only be available via a pre-paid parking permit, so you need to order one now if you don't have one already. Contact info for permits is here.

As in past years, there will be lots of tickets for sale outside the gates on Breeders' Cup day, but be very careful if you try to buy tickets that way. Scalping of tickets appears to be OK in Texas, although they may try to crack down on scalpers selling at the event for selling to the public without a license. Just be careful if you are going to pay (or ask) more than face value for a ticket.

If you really want to go, there are tons of them available via ticket brokers but be prepared to pay up to 10 times the face value. Before I paid those high prices, I would try the various online forums, classifieds, and auctions to get one at a more reasonable price.

Below is a seating diagram of Lone Star Park for the Breeders' Cup. Also included are links to Expedia and Travelocity in case you want to check out air fares, car rentals, or hotel prices. - Click here to travel right!
Airline tickets, hotel and car rental reservations

Good luck with your trip to the Breeders' Cup! It looks to be a grand day of racing once again. Here are some more links to help you get ready:

Breeders' Cup graphics courtesy of the Breeders' Cup Limited

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