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Gelding Fact Sheet

Date: 05/23/2030

Because of the interest in Funny Cide and his attempt to become the first gelding to win the Triple Crown, The Jockey Club has compiled the following fact sheet, with racing information supplied by Equibase Company. Because gelding reports are not always filed with The Jockey Club, 2002 gelding performance data should be considered minimum figures. It is also interesting to note that geldings were barred from competing in the Belmont Stakes from 1919 through 1956.

Earlier this week, trainer Barclay Tagg commented that he believes Funny Cide's status as a gelding will help him survive the rigors of the Triple Crown. "I have a feeling that when you castrate horses, they don't quite get that heavy growth up front," the trainer said. "Their front end is usually 65 percent of their weight and then you put a jockey on and there's a lot of pounding on their front legs. Castrating a horse tends to distribute the weight a little bit more. I think that helps with the soundness. I've found that geldings tend to stay sounder longer."

For more information on why horses are gelded and the process, check here. For an interesting article on why Funny Cide was gelded, check here

Top 25 Money-Winning Geldings of All Time
(through racing of May 22, 2003)
 1. John Henry            $6,597,947
 2. Best Pal              $5,668,245
 3. Jim and Tonic (FR)    $4,975,807
 4. Caller One            $3,184,500
 5. General Challenge     $2,876,018
 6. Rough Habit (NZ)      $2,861,579
 7. Budroyale             $2,840,810
 8. Buck’s Boy            $2,750,148
 9. With Anticipation     $2,654,563
10. Dramatic Gold         $2,567,630
11. Sir Bear              $2,538,422
12. Quiet Resolve         $2,346,768
13. Kona Gold             $2,289,384
14. Affirmed Success      $2,285,315
15. Sarafan               $2,252,412
16. Val’s Prince          $2,118,785
17. Itsallgreektome       $1,994,618
18. Kelso                 $1,977,896
19. Ladies Din            $1,966,754
20. Guided Tour           $1,964,253
21. Little Bold John      $1,956,406
22. Forego                $1,938,957
23. Da Hoss               $1,931,558
24. Funny Cide            $1,889,385
25. Big Jag               $1,800,329
North American Racing Performance of Geldings in 2002

Geldings won 15.6% of Graded Stakes

Number of geldings that won North American Graded Stakes in 2002: 60
Total North American Graded Stakes won by geldings in 2002: 79
Total North American Graded Stakes in 2002: 508

Geldings won 14.3% of Grade 1 Stakes

Total North American Grade 1 Stakes won by geldings in 2002: 15
Total North American Grade 1 Stakes in 2002: 105

12 Geldings Won Grade 1 Stakes:
   Affirmed Success (Carter Handicap)
   Bonapaw (Vosburgh Stakes)
   Debonair Joe (Malibu Stakes)
   Evening Attire (The Jockey Club Gold Cup)
   Gygistar (King’s Bishop Stakes)
   Kudos (Oaklawn Handicap)
   Ladies Din (Shoemaker Breeders’ Cup Mile Stakes)
   Ringaskiddy (San Juan Capistrano Invitational Handicap)
   Sarafan (Eddie Read Handicap)
   Sky Jack (Hollywood Gold Cup Stakes)
   The Tin Man (Clement L. Hirsch Memorial Turf Championship Stakes)
   With Anticipation (Man o’ War Stakes; Sword Dancer Invitational Handicap; United Nations Handicap)

Geldings won 23.1% of total available purse money

Total North American purse money available in 2002: $1,223,373,365
Total North American purse money won by geldings in 2002: $282,061,475

Geldings comprised 25.8% of total starters

Of the 72,825 individual Thoroughbred starters in North America in 2002, 18,796 were reported to The Jockey Club as geldings.

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