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Bet Glen 2 Win

Selections for 08/16/03
by Glen "GLENNERS" Gallivan

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Play of the Day - Race 8 Dublino
Upset Special - Race 10 Vangelis

Race 1 Gold Tango, Forty Ensueno and Grin And Frown

Race 2 Prairie Slam, Grand Chance and Stoker

Race 3 Savorthetime, Beat Your Feet and Double Audit

Race 4 Prospective Kiss, Inner Sanctum and Our Memento

Race 5 Shawklit Man, Roll Hennessy Roll and Coach Jimi Lee

Race 6 Palmerston, Alpha Capo and Primm

Race 7 Full Mandate, Intern and Ask The Lord

Race 8 Dublino, Dress To Thrill and Heat Haze

Race 9 Dove Above, Without A Doubt and Sir Elite

Race 10 Vangelis, Sulamani and Paolini

Race 11 France, Just Wonder and Evolving Tactics

Race 12 Des Arc, Square Wheels and First Step House

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