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Bet Glen 2 Win

Selections for 08/14/03
by Glen "GLENNERS" Gallivan

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Play of the Day - Race 4 - Saratoga Episode
Upset Special - Race 6 - Impetuous Fling

Race 1 - Honor Me Always, Ethical Actions and Bonnie's Bag

Race 2 - Bachelor's Delight, Editors Shake and My Vengeance

Race 3 - Glowing Colors, Disrupt and Always Awesome

Race 4 - Saratoga Episode, Calculator and Webejamminmon

Race 5 - Fit Performer, Raise Devil and Boozin' Susan

Race 6 - Impetuous Fling, Right Out Ro and Sunup

Race 7 - Storm On the Lake, Behrnik and Combanchera

Race 8 - Guardian, Traditional and Irish Road

Race 9 - Blazing Roberto, Deputy Connor and Rich Coins

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