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Bet Glen 2 Win

Selections for 04/25/03
by Glen "GLENNERS" Gallivan

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Play of the Day - Race 8 Love The Game
Upset Special - Race 5 Simmer

Race 1 Stormy Do, Hurricane Havoc and Yakima Canutt

Race 2 Chikara, Savvy Girl and Halo's Gem

Race 3 Silky Cat, Storm To The Top and Brett 'n Butter

Race 4 Fiesta, Royal Mecke and Mystical Beauty

Race 5 Simmer, Mr. Livingston and Jeb's Wild

Race 6 Follow Me Home, Carson's Baby and Heavenly Miss

Race 7 Dandy Rose, Marnesia Light and Fair And Lucky

Race 8 Love The Game, Magical Madness and Callthesheriff

Race 9 Re Book, Northend and Cheddar

Race 10 Alphagirl, Save The Moment And Cinnamon Light


Race 7 Unbridled Trick, Wild West and Eggbert

Race 8 Praise The Prince, Shamrock Isle and Al Skywalker

Race 9 Mineshaft, American Style and El Gran Papa

Race 10 Seeking The Ring, Global Dancer And Anneofgreengables

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