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Bet Glen 2 Win

Selections for 04/05/02
by Glen "GLENNERS" Gallivan

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Today’s Best Bet - Race 9 - Mystic Lady
Upset Special - Race 10 - Follies Dancer

Race 1 - Seamark, Lucky Magus and Appealing Wolf

Race 2 - Saintly Dreams, Klassic Kordell and Birch Road

Race 3 - Chop Chop George, One Judge Trend and Image Of A Cat

Race 4 - Primal Rage, Savannah Canon and Peer Review

Race 5 - Jaclini, Rare Racer and Lucky Hooch

Race 6 - Stylish, Ing Ing and Libretto

Race 7 - Shouldn't We All, Soviet and Eucalyptus Hill

Race 8 - Katherine Seymour, Coney Kitty and St. Chapelle

Race 9 - Mystic Lady, Jostle and Castlebrook

Race 10 - Follies Dancer, Worthy You and Knight Mistress


Race 4 - Tempo West, Spur Creek and Farewell My Lovely

Race 5 - Clergy, Mucho Rapido and Axis

Race 6 - Kazoo, Bet On Joe and Storm Craft

Race 8 - Stage Call, Flying Dash and Mr. O'Brien

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