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Cigar at the Pacific Classic

Sorry all I have are paddock photos but that was where we staked out a spot and it was almost impossible to get anywhere else. I do have a couple of photos from the infield during the race but the film hasn't been developed yet as it still has some pictures left. Some of the longer range shots had to be blown up quite a bit so they are a little fuzzy.

UPDATE: We made the cover of the Thoroughbred Times for 8/17/96! If you look in the top right corner of the photo of Dare and Go beating Cigar you will see 5 of the CRT partners in the infield crowd in the background. At the bottom of this page is a scan showing us.

Best Pal Cigar enters the paddock Walking in the paddock

Everyone wants a picture Showing off for the fans Saddling time

After saddling A view of the crowd in the paddock area
Mott, Bailey, and Paulson look on as Cigar walks around the paddock

Rider's up! Best Pal leads the way to the track Dare and Go on the way to the upset

The champ on the way to the track

Cover photo from the Thoroughbred Times of 8/17/96 Starting from the first blue CRT shirt in the blown up corner is Glenn, Pat (looking over his shoulder), me (taking pictures, white Cigar shirt), Lori looking over my shoulder, and Maureen (well half of her).

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